Remote Worker - Duty of Care


Remote Worker has single vehicle accident in remote area of Canada

GEOS provides lone worker monitoring for a number of companies and partners. We at GEOS monitor missed check in, non-responsive to requests situations, man down, GEO-Fence rule violations and SOS. This is the story of a remote worker who driving after a remote site maintenance call during a blizzard, went off the road getting his vehicle stuck. With temperatures well below freezing, it was critical to get assistance to him, instead of him having to hike a considerable, nearly impossible distance to find aid.

Alaskan Remote Lone Worker Saved

In temperatures as low as 30 Degrees below Zero, minutes count. Collapsed from exposure to the elements, after falling off the roof. Mike Brady new he wasn't going to make it without help. He grabbed his SPOT Personal Messenger and pressed 911. Shortly after in the dark of the night he heard a helicopter approaching, then he saw the search lights. Seconds later to medics were on the ground tending to him and getting him strapped to the liter to hoist him to the helicopter. Having lived in Alaska for 52 years, Mike new he needed help and needed it now. Source: SPOT News

Lone Worker Summons Help in West Texas

In the vastness that is West Texas, an Oil Worker summons help from GEOS. Having broken his hand while working on a piece of equipment, the worker knew it wasn't an ordinary break as it continued swelling as if blood was accumulating internally. He pressed the SOS on his SPOT device and within an hour, help via helicopter was there.

Source: SPOT News

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People Safety Monitoring

GEOS Provided both fixed and mobile incident alerting products, with precise location accuracy capability. The solution combined one-button alerting, as well as automated alerting based on customized rulesets. All of the solutions were available both in a cellular version, as well as a satellite version, with the fixed-panic buttons being 100% satellite. The satellite devices conform 100% to the RTCM Satellite Emergency Notification Device (S.E.N.D.) specification and monitored by the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC). The IERCC is the global exclusive monitoring provider for 100% of the combined voice/data satellite network providers. Regarding the fixed alerting, or panic buttons, some were attached to mobile assets, while others were attached to the physical facilities. Optional audible alarms, were installed for some incident types to alert all employees on the property, as well as neighboring companies in the area.

Custom SOP's

The GEOS IERCC had in place custom Standard Operating Procedures for this client, allowing them to take immediate action based on the rules that were in place in those SOP's. GEOS provides alert monitoring for Missed Check In, Failure to Report Current Position upon Request, GEO-Fence Rule Violation Alerts, Unauthorized Movement, Man Down and SOS.

Local and Remote Monitoring

The company selected both local and remote monitoring solutions. At the local level, they monitor less critical alerts, access control and alarms. The monitoring system was also monitored for critical, possibly life threatening incidents at the GEOS secure monitoring facility by the certified staff of the IERCC.

Best of Class Incident Response and Coordination

The team at GEOS have responded to tens of thousands of incidents in over 140 countries since 2007. We have excelled in our areas of expertise on the global stage and have the history to show for it. Our entire operations team is trained and certified by the U.S. Government in all operational areas.

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