GEOS Launches People-Aware Enterprise Asset Management Solution

by Mark Garver on May 8, 2018



GEOS Launches People-Aware Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Enabling Companies to Better Manage and Protect Their Assets, Including the People that Use Them and the Locations Where Assets are Deployed


Montgomery, TX: GEOS is revolutionizing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) by adding People-Aware and Personnel Safety into their existing EAM solution. This creates an entirely new perspective for organizations that are managing assets with previous tools by empowering them to define how assets should be used, where they can be used and by what personnel.

“When we think of managing assets, we think of protecting those assets, not simply monitoring them”, says Mark Garver, GEOS CEO. “Companies need to ensure all of their assets are monitored and that means more than things, it means people, places and things. Understanding that interaction allows your asset management to be people-aware, adding a whole new dimension called safety and security to EAM.” added Garver.

Manage and Protect all of your assets, whether they are people, places or things by integrating the GEOS People Aware Enterprise Asset Management Solutiontoday!

GEOS has been providing monitored and unmonitored asset management systems since 2011, and recently added “people-aware”, the third element of their solution to allow companies to truly understand their assets from a people and usage perspective. “The company continues to align itself best in terms of the dynamic needs of their client base as well as market trends” as stated by CIO Review. When you implement this Award winning solution from GEOS, you are also adding a safety and security component for your employees, who are the most valuable asset. This solution provides a comprehensive rule set for asset usage, location, safety and many other monitoring and alerting features.

“Our belief is the best asset management solution for today must consider people and how they interact with other assets,” added Garver.

GEOS Safety Solutions and their innovative People-Aware Enterprise Asset Management Solution was awarded Top 20 Most Promising EAM Solution Providers of 2018, and was featured in CIO Review Magazines April 2018 Issue.

About GEOS

GEOS is the leading global provider of monitored safety and security solutions for people, places and things. The GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) has helped coordinate emergency response and rescues in over 160 countries over the past 10 years. To learn more about GEOS Safety Solutions and our offerings, take a look around today.



Mark GarverGEOS Launches People-Aware Enterprise Asset Management Solution

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