Case Studies

Enterprise Case Study

How GEOS Safety and Response solutions help a global conglomerate achieve it's safety and security goals during trying times.

Remote Worker

With thousands of employees working in varying levels of remote areas, this service company relies on GEOS to keep them safe, wherever they may be.

Commercial Shipping

In the heart of the Gulf of Aden under attack by pirates, with the press of an SOS button, GEOS comes to the aid of the vessel's crew.

Playful mood

When Hurricane Ike hit in 2008, GEOS was there to support our customers all along the Gulf of Mexico, especially along the Texas-Lousiana coast.

Vinyl music

When the Cessna 206 clipped the top of a tall pine tree moments after departing a rugged Idaho mountain airstrip, veteran flight instructor Art Lazzarini thought the stout, single-engine utility airplane would keep flying.

Adventure Races

When it comes to organized adventure racing, organizers know they can turn to GEOS. Here are some of the events GEOS has supported.

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