Retail Mall Solutions

Retail Malls and Shopping Centers are popular places for most of us. Whether a mall is large or small, indoor or outdoor, they each have their issues. These malls and shopping centers face a variety of threats; such as fire, shoplifting, violence, bomb threats, muggings, carjackings and most recently an increased threat from terrorists.

Your reputation depends on making sure that your customers, vendors and staff are safe from harm and GEOS can help. GEOS has a suite of products that can help you make your environment safer, and to help you and your staff quickly alert to, communicate about and resolve incidents if and when they occur.

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Incident Notification and Resposne

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    Incident Alerting and Location Reporting

    GEOS Asset Safety and Response solutions are the eyes and ears for incident responders, providing early location-based alerts and on-going situational awareness. Our solutions integrate with the latest in location-based position reporting, including iBeacon, WiFi, GPS and Other Satellite Technologies.

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    Integration With Your Existing System

    GEOS safety and security solutions can easily integrate into your existing systems, allowing immediate notification of an incident to all of your mall security personnel, or any other personnel you deem necessary. In fact, you can modify notifications on the fly.

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    Situational Awareness Monitoring

    When an alert is generated by a location reporting GEOS device, information regarding the event is collected and communicated to all members of the incident response team, including GEOS. GEOS can capture video and audio information combined with location information and keep you team informed as they work the incident.

Incident Command and Management

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    Broadcast and Emergency Alerting

    Whether an individual has activated their device or not, you can send broadcast communications to individuals, groups or everybody. In the event of an emergency, communicating instructions to those impacted is critical to their safety and well-being.

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    Incident Management Tools

    The GEOS Global Safety Fusion Center has a broad assortment of valuable tools, including an incident management module that allows you to make assignments, track incident response and do a thorough analysis of events once the incident is over.

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    Document Management System

    We make access to important incident response, communication and management tools and documents easy with our integrated document management system for documents, forms and other valuable data.


GEOS has been the leading global provider of safety and response solutions since 2007. We offer the most complete, certified and compliant solutions to over 300,000 clients today!

Global Reach

GEOS has been offering product and services globally since 2007. We know how to get it right!

Proven Success

GEOS has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people! That is why more chose GEOS everyday!

All Hazards

We at GEOS know that not all incidents are the same, however you need an alerting, communication and response system that can be used for All Hazards.

Location Focus

Location is one of the most important pieces of information for Incident Notification and Response.

Like what you see here? We believe we can offer a solution unlike anyone else that will provide you with what you need. Today and tomorrow, wherever you may need.

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