First Responder Products and Solutions

First responders need near instant access to incident notifications, situational awareness and the ability to protect themselves. At GEOS we understand the requirements from all aspects of response. GEOS through our monitored solutions are able to provide first responders with critical information about the situation they are responding to while en route to the scene and upon arrival saving valuable time. This comes from the two-way communication GEOS has with individuals and groups that are closest to the incident, in real-time, including video and audio monitoring to best determine what and where of the incident.

Aside from the incident monitoring, alerting and situational awareness tools, GEOS also provides solutions that can aid in the protection of our first responders. First Responder safety and security solutions range from alerting and tracking solutions for the responder, including wearable technologies that allow your fellow responders to get required assistance to your precise location at the right time. GEOS can provide solutions for mounted responders as well, whether you are horseback or on a bike patrol, GEOS has solution for your department

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  • Incident Alerting

    GEOS and the International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) provide 24x7 incident monitoring and response all over the world. GEOS takes great pride in working with first responders around the globe providing them with incident information, updates and critical and developing incident information. GEOS monitors solutions for individuals, groups, students, corporations and first response organizations. The information that GEOS receives during an alert is critical in immediately identifying any affected party, group or responder.

  • Two-Way Communication

    As soon as the personnel at GEOS receive an alert from a GEOS supported device, they will attempt to make contact with the user to let them know help is on the way. This two way communication can be either voice (audio) or text (chat), or both depending on the features of the incident monitoring device. With some application and devices, we even receive video or images in real-time giving us a precise picture of what is happening. This information is key because, it is what helps to complete the situational picture for you and your first responders while they are en route, and even once they arrive at the scene.

  • Incident Response Coordination

    When GEOS receives an incident alert from a responder, GEOS immediately communicates with your response department or agency to provide them with the location, name, and other information about the responder that initiated the alert. We will continue to provide information, including floor and site plans for the building, the surrounding area and/or campus. We can also integrate directly into incident management systems to further automate the response, just as we do today with the FAA. The entire team at the GEOS IERCC is FEMA certified and their training doesn't stop there, so when you are looking for a solution... we provide a team.

  • Precise Incident Location Reports

    The First Responder solutions that are deployed around the globe today are all based on one simple requirement, provide the most accurate location possible. Whether it is an incident alerting situation, a rule-based activation or tracking information, we can support systems from all network types: Cellular, Satellite, Wi-Fi and RFID to best provide the solution that meets your location precision requirements. During an incident response GEOS provides a single graphical view of all of your response resources, whether this need is local, regional, national or global, we have your back!

  • Emergency Alternate Communications

    As a part of the GEOS First Responder and Security solutions, GEOS provides the most robust and complete offering of alternate communications systems and networks. From our many years supporting groups throughout various regions impacted by national disaster, we have learned from these incidents. Whether a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, or an Earthquake in Nepal, GEOS has always been there providing what our customers and first responders needed, when they needed it. When disaster strikes, you must know that you have the qualified and tested team that is GEOS on your side.

  • Integration into Existing Systems and Protocols

    From escalating incidents to mass casualty incidents, from natural disasters to man-made events, GEOS has been there. Today, we integrate with SCADA network devices, first response communications systems, CCTV and VMS solutions and are strongly engaged in safe city and smart city initiatives. We do all of this because GEOS was founded as a Response Coordination company first and foremost, so we know how to develop strong solutions, backed by all of our partners from large to small.



We have saved thousands of lives and assisted countless others. Our professional Incident Monitoring and Response staff are certified first responders and dispatchers. GEOS has been protecting people since 2004!



At GEOS we know that people and places go together and therefore must be protected as a single entity, one with the other. Safety at work or out on business is key to the safety solutions GEOS offers!



Planes, Trains and Automobiles, or Even Boats! Your mobile assets are important to you. Whether you are protecting people in these mobile assets, or you are monitoring unauthorized access to them, GEOS is there to monitor and respond to any mobile asset incident.

You like what we do? Let us protect your people, in their places with their things!