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Schools should be a safe haven, where students are free to learn and teachers are free to teach. Fortunately, most of America's children are able to experience this in their schools. There are reports that show how violence impacts our lives, and we all know that it does. However, violence isn't the only risk facing our schools today, there are a variety of incidents that can impact our schools; the children, the teachers and the staff. Many of those are far more likely to occur than an act of violence, these are the ones we need to ensure we are able to alert to, communicate about and respond to. GEOS Safety Solutions has been providing these tools since 2007 and is the global leader in providing incident notification, communication, response and command tools.

The solutions provided by GEOS work in "all hazards" and are compliant with the National Incident Management System (NIMS)and are integral part of your Emergency Response Plan (ERP). In fact, the GEOS School Safety solution can be used in non-emergency situations and drills. Do you have a solution for the everyday situations? What about when a school bus suffers a breakdown with students on board; or there is a fight on the bus; or a natural disaster bearing down? Instant notification and communication with all members of your staff; and the ability to know where your staff are when they need valuable assistance? At GEOS Safety Solutions, we have taken the time to truly understand the issues you are faced with everyday and educators, mentors and staff at our schools. GEOS is here to help make your environment a safer one.

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  • Faculty, Staff and Student Protection

    You can provide all of your faculty and staff, regardless of location a push-of-a-button safety application right on their smartphone, or tablet. This application instantly notifies your school Crisis Response Team (CRT), the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) and local first responders in the event of an emergency incident. In fact, the CRT is alerted to their own mobile device so they can take immediate action.

  • Instant Secure Two-Way Communication

    As soon as a faculty or staff member activates their device, they are connected into a secure two-way communication system, either via the message me feature, or a normal audio connection that also supports hands-free use. This allows individuals at the incident location, or with knowledge about it to report it to the incident command team. In fact, the CRT or GEOS can send a broadcast message to all faculty and staff, regardless of whether they have activated their device or not.

  • All-Hazards Response Support

    The GEOS Group Safety Response (GSR) application and the notification, communication and response systems support all types of incidents, including non-emergency usage for drills, etc. Regardless of what the emergency is, the GEOS Group Safety solution fits your needs and integrates closely with your schools Emergency Response Plan (ERP), in fact we work with your team ensuring this tight integration to better support you.

  • District-Wide Support

    Regardless of the size of your school, or district both in terms of students and faculty, and geographic dimensions or distances, GEOS's Group Safety Solutions can scale to support you in protecting your students, faculty and staff. Our system allows you to assign individuals to groups, and to physical locations, or even to a specific bus number.

  • At School, or away from School

    Whether your faculty and students are physically at school, or away on a field trip or at a sporting event at another school or location, we have you covered. The GEOS solution not only follows you to these remote locations, you can specify certain rules for communications and response based on location and type of incident. In fact, even if you are in a remote area that does not provide cellular coverage, GEOS is there. GEOS is the exclusive monitoring center for 100% of the Global Satellite Voice/Data Network Providers!

  • Global View of Safety Status

    All of the safety solutions and products are great by themselves, but you need a global view of what is going on with all of your school or district operations. GEOS has the answer, we provide a world-class enterprise management, communication and status monitoring system. As with nearly all of our other solutions, there is no internal infrastructure required. Your custom enterprise platform is a hosted solution, with numerous redundancies built in.

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