Incident Command Coordination

The FEMA-Certified Team at the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) have provided Incident Command and Incident Command Coordination services since 2005, where the team assisted customers during Hurricane Katrina, and have been there for both emergency and non-emergency situations, including Hurricane Season 2008. Due to the communications and redundancy provided at the GEOS IERCC site, or simply "the Bunker", we are able to offer a global view of your enterprise and provide much needed coordination among all members of your incident command team.

Why Incident Command Coordination by GEOS?

GEOS has been continuously providing incident command coordination services around the world since 2005, and has the proven technology, training and facility to provide you with this critical service even in adverse conditions. With our 24x7 operations center, combined with our accurate position tracking and communications technology, you can't find a better team when you need one.

Incident Command Personnel

What's included?

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    Incident Notification and Response Team Activation

    As soon as the team at the International Emergency Response Team has received notice of an incident, either manually or through our Global Event Monitoring system (GEM), we begin notifying critical members of your response and incident command team. These notifications are based on customer specific Emergency Response Plans (ERP) and are available for any type of incident agreed to with you, our customer. We track who was notified, when they were notified, where the incident is occurring and where key assets are. We can also determine and track where key resources: management, response team members, remote and traveling employees are. Our team tracks status of the incident response, including use of either internal forms, or typically National Incident Management System (NIMS) standard ICS forms.

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    NIMS-Compliant Incident Command System and Procedures

    GEOS offers a 100% NIMS compliant solution for Incident Command and Coordination. Whether GEOS is a part of your incident command team in one form or another, or if you are simply using GEOS to coordinate your incident response team, you can be sure that each of our team members is certified by FEMA, as well as other organizations, based on our personnel specialty areas, and other functional offerings by GEOS. Our systems and our processes are easily integrated into your existing or expanding emergency operations plan, anywhere in the world.

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    Two-Way Communication (Voice or Message-Based)

    When an incident occurs, communication is the most critical aspect to notifying about and responding to the event. GEOS has complete coverage via terrestrial (land-line and cellular) and satellite communications, whether via a Satellite Emergency Notification Device (S.E.N.D.), satellite-data communications, or satellite phone, we cover it all. In fact, the GEOS IERCC is the exclusive global SEND monitoring company, and depending on where you are and what satellite phone you are using, dialing 911/112 more than likely directly connects you to the GEOS IERCC.

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    Situational Awareness Monitoring

    Information is constantly being collected during an incident, which is needed by those responding to the event. This information comes from location data, communications with those involved and other connected devices, such as sensors, cameras and personnel and asset monitoring technologies. The GEOS IERCC team utilized and correlates this information in the GEOS Incident Management System, allowing your incident command team to keep apprised of the situation in real-time, either through communications with GEOS, or on-line via the GEOS Enterprise Management and Monitoring portal.

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    Incident Management Tools

    The GEOS Global Safety Fusion Center has a broad assortment of valuable tools, including an incident management module that allows you to make assignments, track incident response and do a thorough analysis of events once the incident is over.

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    Document Management System

    We make access to important incident response, communication and management tools and documents easy with our integrated document management system for documents, forms and other valuable data.

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