Hospital Solutions

Staff, visitors and patients can face threats and risks each and everyday. Hospitals are soft targets where people can come and go freely. Hospitals are full of items that people would commit crimes to get, such as drugs and dangerous substances.

Some hospitals and/or healthcare providers have staff that work remote, such as hospice care. These staff members need a lifeline to help if they are in an unsafe environment.

GEOS has solutions that can assist you and your staff alert and communicate about incidents at your facility and campus. Whatever your need, GEOS has an offering that will bring you and your team peace of mind.

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Your People, Places and Things

Hospitals have a variety of safety, security and notification technologies available to them today, some that tie into existing systems and many more that do not. The two most important issues facing hospital staffs today is: 1) protecting those in their charge including staff by providing alerting and communication technology and 2) ensuring those technologies are tightly integrated into existing security systems and protocols. That is where GEOS is focused, providing safety alerting, notification, communication and response systems and services that are closely integrated with the systems and procedures you have in place today.

  • Campus-wide Employee Protection

    You can provide all of your employees regardless of location with a push-of-a-button safety application right on their smartphone, tablet, built-in device, or intrinsically-safe device. In fact, GEOS Safety and Response also has support for a vast array of Satellite Emergency Notification Devices, Satellite phones and no action required alerting technology. This allows your employees to: report an incident, request assistance, communicate with internal or external response resources. For fixed facilities, you can even integrate the GEOS solution into your existing security systems, such as CCTV surveillance and access controls.

  • Incident Communications

    Whether these assets are fixed or mobile, in cellular coverage or not you need to ensure they are safe and secure. You need a method, or a system that allows you to be notified if something impacts these assets, and you need to know actions are being taken immediately upon notification of a safety or security event. That's where GEOS can help, with our remote alerting, notification and communications systems, staffed behind he scenes by the FEMA-Certified team at the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC). GEOS is there when you need us, anywhere in the world.

  • Remote Facilities (Manned/Unmanned)

    Through integration into your existing security system, GEOS can provide a view of your security posture and status around the globe. GEOS can provide satellite links for alerting and monitoring remote locations such as medical campus buildings, parking lots, teaching and other types of facilities. Most monitoring and alarms are carried over terrestrial networks, but what when these fail due to natural disasters, man-made incidents or acts of terror? GEOS has solutions that can carry those alerts and communications over satellite, to ensure you are always covered.

  • Integration With Existing Systems and Procedures

    The safety and security professionals at GEOS have years of experience with existing safety and security systems, and planning for incidents. This includes conducting full risk and vulnerability assessments, implementing full physical security system audits and designs. We work diligently to ensure that we integrate any solution chosen from GEOS into your existing systems and protocols. In fact, we will modify your existing Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to update it with the new GEOS enhanced solution... for FREE!

Like what you see here? We believe we can offer a solution unlike anyone else that will provide you with what you need. Today and tomorrow, wherever you may need.

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