Asset Safety and Security Assurance

Your assets are important to you and GEOS wants to assist you in keeping them safe and secure, whether they are currently in use or not. You land-based assets may be fixed or mobile, such as a trucking or vehicle fleet, or maybe even rail! This is where the Asset Safety and Security Assurance solutions from GEOS Safety Solutions come in. By utilizing various technologies attached and assigned to each of these assets you can instantly know their status, whether they are in use, or in need of assistance.

Where ever your assets are, GEOS can keep them safe and secure and if that status changes you are immediately notified of that change. You can also enable the Asset Protection team at GEOS assist in responding to safety and security incidents for you, or as a member of your incident response team.

Global Safety Fusion Center

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    Asset Safety and Security Status at a Glance

    The Global Safety Fusion Center allows you to monitor and control the safety and security profile and status of all of your assets; people, places and things!

  • Location Aware

    Location-Aware Alerting and Notification

    GEOS Asset Safety and Response solutions are the eyes and ears for incident responders, providing early location-based alerts and on-going situational awareness. Our solutions integrate with the latest in location-based position reporting, including iBeacon, WiFi, GPS and Other Satellite Technologies.

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    Situational Awareness Monitoring

    Any change in status can trigger an alert notification to your Global Safety Fusion Center for instant response, in fact you can assign certain alert notifications to be handled by the Emergency Operations Team at the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC).

  • globe

    Real Global Coverage

    GEOS protects your land-based assets where ever they are in the world and we are able to do this because of the widest network support in the market.

  • key

    Role Based Secure Access

    The Global Safety platform supports a variety of roles to better enable you to keep your assets and information secure.

  • grid

    Control Asset Relationships

    Assign assets to other assets, for instance, people with alerting devices, or places and things. The system is flexible enough to support a lot of variations and alerting rules to go with the asset assignments and rules.

  • eye

    Global Alerting

    Add GEOS Globaleye and Threat Watch to your system and receive real-time alerts about world-wide events that may impact the safety and security of your assets.

  • reports

    Robust Reporting Tools

    Generate reports regarding your land-based asset access and usage by using the tools built into the GEOS Global Safety Fusion Center portal.

  • imac

    One Click Status

    Utilizing the GEOS Global Safety Fusion Center portal for all of your assets, you are able to see the safety and security status of all your people, places and things!

All the tools you need

  • Asset Safety Rules

    Asset Safety Management

    Setup your assets, assign them, monitor them and develop rule-based alerts for rule violations, everyday incidents or emergency's should they occur.

  • Incident Management

    Integrated Incident Management System

    When an incident occurs you can utilize the integrated incident management system to manage the incident, assign tasks to personnel, track valuable resources, provide broadcast updates and record all incident command actions.

  • Threat Watch

    Monitor Global Events and Threats in Real-Time

    GEOS Threat Watch is standing constant vigil, monitoring events around the world that may have an impact on your operations, or your assets, including traveling personnel.

  • Travel Safety

    Manage Corporate Travel Itineraries

    Ensure your employees are safe with the GEOS travel tool. This valuable travel safety tool allows you to define risks and mitigate them for employee itineraries. It also allows for automatic notification of world wide events direct to the traveler.

  • Travel Safety

    Manage and Mitigate Risks to Assets

    GEOS Globaleye allows you to monitor risks around the globe, by country, by region and to assign various mitigation elements. You can also utilize the information in globaleye and threat watch to monitor alerts from around the world and feed them into our integrated intelligence system.

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