Frequently Asked Questions

Who is GEOS Safety and Response?

GEOS Safety and Response (GSAR) is the leading global provider of mobile safety solutions with coverage anywhere in the world. GSAR is the exclusive monitoring and response provider for 100% of the worlds Satellite Voice/Data Network Providers. GEOS was founded in 2004 to provide services to corporate enterprises wherever they may be located, and in 2007 the International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) was created and is now part of GSAR. What started out as protection for traveling executives, morphed quickly into providing expansive safety and protection services across all aspects of corporate assets, most importantly their people.

What solutions do you provide?

GSAR provides a broad spectrum of product solutions and services to keep your people safe, protect your physical assets and provide a watchful eye for your entire enterprise anywhere in the world.

GSAR offers solutions for people, places and things, from alerting to secure incident communication and situational awareness. The key to our solutions is that they are global, proven and custom.

Our primary focus is on incident notification, alerting and coordination of response. The response coordination involves establishing secure two-way communication with impacted individuals, or mobile assets in an effort to gather real-time information related to the incident. The team at GEOS is acutely aware of the value information is when notifying, dispatching, responding and coordinating all types of incidents. That awareness has been carried forward into the Group Safety Response Solution. Situational Awareness is the most crucial element of any response protocol and plan. GEOS provides it when it is needed… during the response!

We also provide a Global View of the safety and security status of all of your monitored assets, all from one console view into our enterprise portal. This service is an essential part of our secure Safety as a Service offering.

What makes you qualified?

The entire operations team at GEOS is FEMA certified. The team participates in and conducts desktop exercises, mock Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI) and other drills periodically each year. Our operational leaders also teach and lecture on, and perform vulnerability and risk assessment around the world, including to the US Military.

GEOS Safety and Response personnel also assist customers with developing cohesive emergency response plans that are inclusive and functional. These plans are developed in an ALL HAZARDS approach and encompass all of the principles of the National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) and other doctrine such as the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) and the National Response Framework (NRF) where required.

Why should I add GEOS to my current security systems and processes?

GEOS knows that one size doesn’t fit all particularly when it comes to integrated safety and security solutions. We don’t replace or remove any existing products, services or processes, instead we enhance and augment those investments. We focus solely on our core competencies: Notification, Communication, Response and Coordination. We believe in protecting all of your resources and offer solutions that safeguard not only your people assets, but nearly all of your mobile and fixed assets as well.

Understanding that seconds count, our solutions aim at saving precious time, while collecting valuable information in real-time, allowing GEOS to provide the best situational awareness for all those responding, whether internal to the organization or from official first response agencies. Integration into existing or planned safety and security solutions is another area where GEOS Safety and Response Solutions helps you to be better prepared.

Isn’t this just an app?

Simply put no! GEOS isn’t an application company it is a safety, security and response company. As part of our complete solution portfolio, we provide a number of One Button Alerting, Two Way Communication, Man-Down, and automated alerting products and solutions, several of them developed at GEOS. All of which are designed to instantly notify of an incident, providing highly accurate location and important incident information. Additionally, our solutions are integrated to provide you, our customer, with an instant view of your safety posture anywhere in the world, with our enterprise management and monitoring portal.

While the technology is clear, the underlying GEOS service is what differentiates us from just a notification technology. We ensure that only designated staff can initiate this service. There no other installation or integration is required on-site. This ensures that our solution is rapid in not only its deployment but also the incident response.

We are the ONLY global company that provides a turn-key asset safety and protection solution for all of your assets… People, Places and Things.

How is GEOS different that the push-button-alerting app providers?

GEOS has been doing this since 2004, and we know that an alerting app is only a very small portion of what is required. There are environments that dictate hands-free notification, intrinsically safe devices, and other items such as vehicle tracking and crash detection. GEOS Safety and Response is THE only company that can provide the products integrated into a truly global solution, backed with a FEMA certified team providing: monitoring, response, communication and coordination service, with an internationally proven track record.

At GEOS we don’t outsource our monitoring services to some third-party wholesale monitoring company, we do it in house, using proven technology and a dedicated staff trained by our high standards and in compliance with the international community. We provide near instant language support services in over 200 languages and have operated in over 140 countries.

Why Wait? Contact GEOS Safety Solutions today to speak to our experts regarding organized event safety, monitoring and response. Remember GEOS is the world leader, so why go anywhere else. Choose our world now and let us show you!

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