Communication Solutions

The Communications Sector is an integral component of the U.S. economy, underlying the operations of all businesses, public safety organizations, and government. Presidential Policy Directive 21 identifies the Communications Sector as critical because it provides an “enabling function” across all critical infrastructure sectors. Over the last 25 years, the sector has evolved from predominantly a provider of voice services into a diverse, competitive, and interconnected industry using terrestrial, satellite, and wireless transmission systems. The transmission of these services has become interconnected; satellite, wireless, and wireline providers depend on each other to carry and terminate their traffic and companies routinely share facilities and technology to ensure interoperability.

The private sector, as owners and operators of the majority of communications infrastructure, is the primary entity responsible for protecting sector infrastructure and assets. Working with the federal government, the private sector is able to predict, anticipate, and respond to sector outages and understand how they might affect the ability of the national leadership to communicate during times of crisis, impact the operations of other sectors, and affect response and recovery efforts.

GEOS has been providing monitoring and response services to the Communications Sector, and their customers since 2007, in fact GEOS is the exclusive provider of these services to 100% of the Satellite Voice/Date Network Operators. No one compares to GEOS when it comes to providing services to address the terrestrial, satellite and wireless communications sector.

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Your People, Places and Things

GEOS can provide a custom solution to meet your safety needs.

The Communications Sector is vital to our infrastructure and can impact others sectors, because they rely on this sector. Much of the assets that support this sector are in remote lying areas and can be tampered with and remote work is common. GEOS has solutions for your sector that can add to the concentric layers of security you have in place today.
NIPP Communications Sector Specific Plan 2010

  • Global Employee Protection

    You can provide all of your employees regardless of location with a push-of-a-button safety application right on their smartphone, or tablet. In fact, GEOS Safety and Response also has support for a vast array of Satellite Emergency Notification Devices, or even Satellite phones. This allows your employees to: report an incident, request assistance, communicated securely with internal or external response resources. You can even integrate the GEOS solution into your existing security systems, such as CCTV surveillance and access controls.

  • Remote Worker Monitoring

    When your workers are in the field, servicing communications equipment, inspecting cellular towers, or working at a remote SCADA control room, you need to ensure they have a means to summons assistance, or report an incident. These incidents could be a breach of the physical security system, an accident, a terrorist act, or any number of critical incidents. The quicker these incidents are reported and the sooner information about them is collected the faster and more intelligent the response. GEOS offers a complete Lone Worker Program encompassing the latest in both cellular and satellite technology, complete with an enterprise portal that allows you to know the "health" of the organization or entire company in a single view.

  • Executive and Employee Travel

    Your employees are critical assets and keeping them safe during travel is important to you, especially for employees that must travel to high or medium risk areas for the benefit of your business. That's why GEOS was started in the first place, back in 2004, it was about Travel Safety, in fact that was our name. We offer solutions that allow you to set rules for traveling personnel check-in, flight tracking and arrival notification, risk profiles setup and email or sms safety alerts to those traveling. You also get an enterprise safety portal that allows you to be notified of configured events and the FEMA-certified team at GEOS are there for you, monitoring any alerts that require a response.

  • Global View of Safety Status

    All of the safety solutions and products are great by themselves, but you need a global view of what is going on with all of your operations, your people and your assets. GEOS has the answer, we provide a world-class enterprise management, communication and status monitoring system. As with nearly all of our other solutions, there is no internal infrastructure required. Your custom enterprise platform is a hosted solution, with numerous redundancies built in. You can select an individual asset, or a group of assets, whether they are people, places or things and view the current status. Or if you want, you can view your entire global enterprise and instantly view with a map based image the status of everything!

Like what you see here? We believe we can offer a solution unlike anyone else that will provide you with what you need. Today and tomorrow, wherever you may need.

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